Collect Data & Analyze it

Google My Business is great at sending monthly emails with stats on how your business is doing via Google Search.  Facebook has a wonderful analytical platform to show you who, when and what is being seen. However, stats disappear after a particular time period so you need to stay on top of collecting the data and analyzing it for yourself.  Instagram is not computer compatible. It is best to collect some of the data weekly and depending on how much you use it, with a 3rd party platform. This data is important because it can help you take note of when to post, what content has the highest ratings and as well as what isn´t working.

Update Website Content Regularly

So many people create a website for their business and almost never touch it again.  You need to do at least minor tweaks every once in a while to keep it visible on search engines.  Even if it is as simple as updating a picture or two on the site. I personally try and update my website no less than twice a month.  I try and update hours, a photo in my portfolio, as well as write a blog post. All of these things can and will help drive SEO (search engine optimization).

Google My Business Posting & Updates

It shocks me how many small businesses DON’T utilize nor optimize Google My Business Listings.  Sadly, you cannot schedule posts like other platforms so you have to set aside time to go in and update/post regularly.  Making sure things are up to date and visible to people searching for a product or service you offer will help drive more views, and hopefully clicks!

Marketing & Project Plans

The biggest issue I see many companies have is lack of direction or plans.  They want to reach more people, or new customers but are all over the place with how they want to tackle the situation.  Creating a Marketing Plan and/or Project Plan to achieve specific goals are extremely important. This helps narrow down what exactly your goals are and each step towards achieving them.  It is a well worth it time investment.

Working Ahead

Marketing content can be very time consuming especially if you have creativity block.  I try and work a head as much as possible when it comes to creating and scheduling content.  Life happens and the last thing I want to do is forget or worry about falling off of the SEO content bandwagon.  It takes a MINIMUM of 6 months to really drive SEO but up to a YEAR for good SEO, so even a few days of slacking can really hurt your visibility to consumers.

Is it time to hire help?

These are my top 5 tips for self marketing!  Seems like a lot? Can´t find the time to do it all?  It may be time to call me. Being able to delegate tasks out as an owner is extremely important.  As a small business owner you wear many hats, and let’s face it – we are all human and cannot ´do it all´.  I have plenty of package options, no matter where you are at with your business. I have small packages for companies just starting out to custom packages for established companies looking to take their business to the next level.  Contact me today for a free consultation!